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Baptism in the Holy Spirit

/// Baptism in the Holy Spirit

When we hear someone use such language as ‘baptised in the Spirit’ (or, ‘Spirit-filled’) it must be realized that in peoples’ minds they are often talking about different things.

Excerpt from introduction to ‘Baptism in the Holy Spirit’…

When we hear someone use such language as ‘baptised in the Spirit’ (or,  ‘Spirit-filled’) it must be realized that in peoples’ minds they are often  talking about different things. There is a surprising spectrum of belief  concerning the meaning and implications of this topic which fills a very large  part of our New Testament. People from all kinds of denominational backgrounds  (and non-denominational ones too) have a lot of differences of opinion as to  what this is all about. However, at least many of them are agreed on one thing –  they agree that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is a secondary gift from God  subsequent to salvation. However, Scripture can very easily be made to fit our  experiences rather than the other way round!

This study sets out first and foremost to show that this precious gift from God  is, above all else, for our salvation. I hope you will meditate slowly and  absorb part 1 of this study and just appreciate how great is this salvation that  we have been made partakers of in this New Covenant era. Part 2 of the study is  self-explanatory from its heading. It deals, in brief, with what can and what  cannot be taken for evidence of the Spirit’s indwelling presence. Inevitably the  thinking that the baptism in the Spirit is all some sort of added extra must be  addressed in a clear way too. I have endeavoured to do this in part 3 of the  study, first dealing with a few Scriptures that are the cause of some  misunderstanding and secondly looking at the realm of people’s personal  experiences. The latter cannot be underestimated in terms of the bearing this so  often has, however wrongly, upon the thinking and beliefs of God’s children.

This is a subject so wonderful that it is, in a way, a shame to have to go on to  talk about this aspect of differences of understanding but I fear that unless  those questions are answered some will find it more difficult just to drink in  and be blessed by the uncomplicated fact that He, the Holy Spirit of God, has  been sent for our salvation. Ultimately, no amount of pointing out and  presenting of arguments will ever bring someone into the life-flow of the things  of God in their heart. I am so acutely aware of this. I simply hope and pray  that as you see brought together in this study just some of the references in  Scripture to this beautiful theme we might be enabled to praise God and rejoice  together over this gift above all gifts to mankind.

Bible Study - Baptism In The Holy-Spirit

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The 'Baptism in the Holy Spirit' Bible study is freely available as a 42 page PDF download.