Run Baby Run ~ Nicky Cruz<br />Book Review / SummaryContributed Review: by Sue

The powerful true story of how Nicky Cruz was rescued from a hopeless life of gang violence, crime, hate and poverty.

Nicky was raised in Puerto Rico in a home given over to black magic. From an early age his life was a relentless cycle of fear and bravado. Unable to cope with his hateful and rebellious behaviour his parents sent him to live with his brother in New York, but Nicky would not have anyone tell him how to live. As a teenager he became leader of New York gang, the ‘Maumaus’. Against all odds the reality of God’s love and forgiveness broke through.

I came from a completely different background, raised by a church-going mother, but was amazed and overjoyed to discover that God is alive today and working powerfully in the lives of ordinary people. I discovered for myself that God was waiting to have a relationship with me! You can too.



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