The Hiding Place ~ Corrie Ten Boom, John Scherrill<br />Book Review / SummaryCorrie Ten Boom grew up in a loving Christian home at the start of the 20th Century in Holland. When war came her family risked their lives to help Jews. While hundreds of thousands were shipped off to concentration camps they risked their lives to save as many as they could. They paid the price.

Corrie tells the story of how God’s love shines, even through the darkness of the camp that she was in, and where her beloved sister Betsy died. Corrie survived to tell the true story of how God’s love and forgiveness is so powerful there is no place or heart that it cannot reach.

She tells her personal journey with honesty and her special brand of ‘down-to-earthness’. Although the events related happened over 50 years ago, the book still has so much relevance for all of us today. This book is a must read for all who love the Lord Jesus



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