Contributed Review: By Stephen

Sounds from Heaven ~ Colin and Mary Peckham<br />Book Review / SummaryThis book on, what is known as, the Lewis revival is unique in that much of the material presented is from original personal accounts of those who were part of the revival at that time. There is, firstly, diary accounts, published for the first time, of Duncan Campbell of the period in question. Then there is large section of personal testimony, in print for the first time, where we read of the many conversion accounts and activities of people of that time; and also some of the heavenly phenomena that accompanied the revival.

Colin Peckham (former Principal of the Faith Mission Bible College) presents the material with a good understanding of the background to the revival. This is unsurprising since the co-author, his wife, was converted during the 1949 revival. But this book is not a mere reflection of facts it is a spiritual insight into the issues surrounded the revival. It is an honest appraisal and looks at the characteristics, incidents and even the opposition to it!

This book is well worth reading for both its historical content and its spiritual insight into a move of God that became a legend in its life time; but more importantly it stirs the prayerful reader into seeking God to move again in this land.

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