Abide in Christ ~ Andrew Murray<br />Book Review / SummaryAfter experiencing an instantaneous and radical conversion (not that there is really anything that could not truly be termed ‘radical’ in any Christian’s experience of new birth) I found soon after strangely enough that that wasn’t sufficient! At a time when I was learning some very serious lessons the hard way in my walk with God (more of a stagger really!) I came to a new understanding in both heart and mind, which has remained with me ever since. This book was the chief instrument of God’s speaking to me at that time. That is, it neatly coincided with a time of deep reflection on my life in Christ.

Through reading this book at that particular time I came to a new place of rest, peace and stability in the Lord. The theme of the book is John, chapter 15 – “I am the true Vine.” “Ye are the branches.” “Abide in Me.” Etc. If I recall correctly I think the book is laid out as a daily reading and meditation in this chapter of John. What I do remember about that time for me was that each and every day was a feast for my soul as God ministered to me while I read.

The lesson I needed to learn so badly was this: You can’t rely one jot on what happened to you yesterday. Even though it was God Himself who met you and filled you, but, you must ‘abide’ day by day, moment by moment in the life giving flow of the Vine to the branches. For me this book was as the sweetness of manna and I am glad to testify that the lesson learnt at that time is still very much to the fore of my thinking today.

This is not a book to be rushed through, or even, read for information. It is something to be savoured a day at the time.

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