The Normal Christian Life ~ Watchman Nee<br />Book Review / SummaryThis book has been reprinted I don’t know how many times since it was first published in 1957. The author, Watchman Nee, spent the last 20 years of his life in prison because of his witness for Jesus. He has also written many other valuable Christian books, Bible studies mainly, as is this one.

The Normal Christian Life is essentially a study of Romans chapters 5 to 8. I call this the ‘mechanics’ of the Gospel. These chapters deal with our spiritual condition and our need for new birth. They then go on to talk about our ‘walk’ in the Spirit. Some think that Romans 7 is the ‘normal Christian life!’ No ability to be free from sin, no victory in spiritual life, in a word – no change! This book walks you beautifully through all that and leaves you with an assurance that (in Christ) we can live a life that pleases our Father in heaven. There are other ways of viewing the seventh chapter slightly differently, but to the same end essentially.

Yes, the book is ‘doctrinal’ but Nee brings it all to life by not merely explaining the mechanics but by many little illustrations and personal testimonies. It exercises both mind and spirit. It is known as a ‘Christian classic’ and I am glad to say that it is, for all the right reasons.

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