More Than A Carpenter - Josh McDowell

More Than A Carpenter, by Josh McDowell, is a great little book for evangelism. This fits in where a tract is too short and a full-size book is just too big. This little booklet measures around 6 x 4 inches and is about half an inch thick. I know, I know… you’re thinking to yourself right now, what has this got to do with anything that is important? Surely it is the content of Christian literature that is the important thing not the size of the book! Well, if we’re talking about books and resources for those who are already believers then I quite agree but when looking for something to hand to a tentative enquirer then these sorts of details can sometimes matter. At its most practical level the book is inexpensive and fits into your pocket, so it is easy just to have one (or more) to hand to pass onto someone. The other main appeal though is that for the recipient it is an easy to read, simple to digest, but in no way dumbed down, answer to important questions.

Mr McDowell sandwiches the content of the book with some of his own personal testimony. Beginning with how he once thoroughly doubted Christian claims and especially the authenticity of the Bible and ending with his own conversion and the conversion of his once alcoholic father. In between there is an examination of the validity of Bible manuscripts, along with the claims of Jesus to be God’s Son and the Messiah/Saviour of the world and the claims of the apostles concerning the resurrection. He asks the questions that any doubter/opposer would ask. He had previously asked these questions himself from a doubter’s perspective and in More Than A Carpenter he shares his own findings and conclusions in an honest and fairly simple manner.

Just a note on that last part… Whilst the ‘level’ of this book does not demand that someone be an academic to read or understand it, I think it is most suited to people with a slight intellectual bent. So do be sure to read it all through and think carefully about whom this may suit in your attempts to further the Gospel message with someone you know.


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