A Woman Rides a Beast ~ Dave HuntContributed Review:

Originally printed in 1994 this book has been kept updated and includes things up to the year 2000.

There are many books on the two chapters in Revelation, 17 and 18, which have caused much speculation among many. This one makes sense. There are also a large number of books that mention, to some degree, that many atrocities have been carried out by the Catholic institution throughout history and how such ties in with these chapters, but this one is more thorough. Though the book is quite long, 549 pages, it is gripping reading.

There are very many people in Christian circles who are getting into bed with Satan via the ecumenical movement, as they are wholly ignorant of what the Catholic religion is about. Those who read this will not be in any doubt just who the woman riding the beast is, and will be able to see how things are shaping up for the fulfilment of the things we see in the Book of Revelation. This is not for the feint hearted by any means!

I highly recommend this as essential reading for those who are spiritual believers. It will confirm much of what you may know already. For those who are horrified by the ecumenical compromise that is going on all over the world, and the coming together of all religions, but cannot quite put the facts together mentally, this will greatly help you. As a resource book of the evils of Catholicism it is very useful and should be on every Christian’s bookshelf for reference.

I should add a warning that there are odd little bits of doctrine that Dave Hunt brings out in the book, which are, in my opinion, not correct. However, the main factual information is very good and comes with references so that they can be checked.

I do wish that books like this would mention occasionally that Jesus is in complete charge, and none of the devices of the Catholic religion will succeed. The devil, who is working through it, is only permitted to go as far as Jesus allows. Our Lord reigns! However, things are going to become very tough in the last of the last days, and it is good to know what to expect. There is a problem with not mentioning that Jesus is Lord, and that is that such books can fix ones attention in the wrong place, and some can quite forget that, for us, Jesus is right here, with us, and in us.

The Satanic religion of Roman Catholicism is utterly hostile to real Christianity and the true gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord. Be warned.

Editor’s Note 1: I am so very aware that whenever issues of false religions/beliefs/practises are addressed some folk will fail to distinguish between the religion being exposed and the average member (i.e. the people) of these institutions. In relation to all content on this site there is no question of any individual or group of people being despised because of their belonging to what may be considered a ‘false religion’. I have no doubt personally whatsoever, as I know also the supplier of this review does, that God loves the Catholic people.

Editor’s Note 2: I believe (?) that Mr Hunt fits his interpretations of the Catholic religion into an end time scheme of things known as ‘futurism’. Whilst I would expect his overall assessments of Catholicism to be accurate and valuable I do not necessarily accept the futurist interpretations put upon them.

Rick (N.T.P.)

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