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Baptism In The Holy Spirit
For Gifts? For Power? or For Life!?

Some say that this is to impart ‘spiritual gifts’ to us. Others think that it is a more general ’empowering for service’. Others still say that this is to bring us into a ‘deeper holiness’. Astonishingly I have even heard it said that God doesn’t baptize anyone in His Spirit anymore! Is this a ‘second blessing’ or are ‘new birth’ and ‘spiritual baptism’ one and the same thing?

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His Church
The Biblical Pattern for The Church

An overview of the ‘New Testament Pattern’ for the Church. This study looks at such topics as: What is a Church? Authority in the Church. Was there any such role as ‘The Pastor’? How and where should a Church meet? And many more questions affecting those Christians who would desire the experience of biblical church life.

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The Sabbath of Rest
Saturday? Sunday? or Something Else?

Many are the debates about which day is thought to be The Sabbath for Christians. But are we not missing the whole point of the intended lesson that the Sabbath has to teach us? Having got to the heart of the matter in seeing the New Testament perspective on this theme, this study then concludes the unthinkable – it is neither a Saturday or a Sunday!

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Free Gospel Tract

Free Gospel Tract - Joy To The World
Joy To The World!
*NEW* Highly suitable tract message for December 2019 / January 2020.

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Biblical Church Study

The Biblical Pattern for Church Government
How should a church meet?
Where should a church meet?
What size should a church be?
Is the 'pastoral system' Biblical?

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