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Come With Me Through Isaiah
David Pawson

Have you ever met a Christian who set out to read the Bible cover-to-cover and got stuck in Leviticus!? It’s a familiar story isn’t it? I’ve often heard people say, “I find Leviticus so hard.” Now, whilst I confess that I do find the fine detail of all the sacrificial offerings and priesthood ceremonies a little difficult to follow at times I don’t usually cite Leviticus as my most difficult Bible book to read. Yes, I confess that reading the prophets – especially the ‘big ones’ – is probably my most difficult times of Bible reading…

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The Normal Christian Life
Watchman Nee

This book has been reprinted I don’t know how many times since it was first published in 1957. The author, Watchman Nee, spent the last 20 years of his life in prison because of his witness for Jesus. He has also written many other valuable Christian books, Bible studies mainly, as is this one…

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Free Gospel Tract

Free Gospel Tract - Joy To The World
Joy To The World!
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Biblical Church Study

The Biblical Pattern for Church Government
How should a church meet?
Where should a church meet?
What size should a church be?
Is the 'pastoral system' Biblical?

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