And The Spirit Sings…

I’ve personally spent much time over many years seeking to convince many folk who are called ‘Christians’ of the futility of ‘religion’ and ‘religiosity’. I’ve spoken quietly. I’ve spoken noisily! I’ve searched the Bible and written studies. I have exercised patience. I’ve got frustrated! – I’ve tried! Mostly, without (apparent) success 🙁

Recently someone asked me if I knew of a particular song – “And The Spirit Sings” by Don Francisco. I’ve certainly listened to Don Francisco songs and found them very inspiring but I didn’t know of this one. I searched YouTube, as instructed, and found the song. Wow! Lovely! This simple ballad says all I’ve been trying to say in a nut-shell – or, more accurately speaking… in a song.

And Prophets Sing too…

Interestingly, a day or two later I was reading a book by David Pawson – “Come With Me Through Isaiah.” (reviewed on this website). The author was approaching chapter five and his comment was along the lines of… Isaiah’s message wasn’t getting through to people so he decided it was time for a song! (my very rough recollection of the exact statement) – sometimes a song will get through to people when many words will not.

And so it is, sometimes it is best said with a song. So please have a listen to And The Spirit Sings – click to play – enjoy!

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