Trump - & The Last Trumpet


In the previous post of this series I mentioned Brexit, and to my best recollection that was the first time I have ever mentioned anything directly, currently political on this website. I am not in the business of politics personally, although I am very grateful for those who are sincere Christians who do seek to affect things in that realm. If Brexit doesn’t make you either cheer or scream then the election of Mr Donald Trump is certain to achieve the effect. Cryings, moanings, groanings and protests have been the non-stop rage in Britain, America and the world following these events. My dear Christian brother or sister please do not fall out with me over the politics. My goal in this series is to focus on the glorious ‘Coming Day of The Lord’ but I cannot avoid noting the politics of this world in my analysis as I believe that God is working in and through all that is currently occurring in Britain, Europe, America and the world. God has a plan.

Not Forgetting Israel

Keen prophecy students, for the most part, tend to see the nation of Israel as being central to all final fulfilment of biblical prophecy. Although I do not personally subscribe to the most popular ‘End Times’ theories of things concerning Israel and other matters (more on that in a later post) I am none-the-less personally fully persuaded that the nation of Israel is indeed focal in the final events that lead up to the return of The (‘their’) Messiah. I am not going to delve into all of that history here but I want to highlight just one portion of Scripture that has held my attention in recent months. It involves many Gentile nations but ultimately centres around the nation of Israel.

The War of Gog – Ezekiel 38 & 39

In Ezekiel 38 and 39 we read of a major war, an invasion of Israel. It is not my intention to expand in any depth on these chapters and my first acknowledgement is that some (a minority) of Christians believe that this war relates to something already past. Such is not my understanding, and in this instance I find myself in a large majority. I also wish to acknowledge my own uncertainty concerning many of the finer details.

  • Is this war the last war prior to the return of Jesus? Maybe, I don’t know.
  • Is this the same as Armageddon? Maybe, I don’t know.
  • Is this the same event as Gog attacking at the end of the Millennium in Rev 20? I do not think so but I could be wrong!
  • Does this event parallel events mentioned in other Scriptures. Probably, but I am not entirely sure.
  • Could there be a more localised war (with other surrounding nations) before this? Quite possibly.

So what do I see? I see the effect of Brexit/Trump causing a fresh (more of a renewing perhaps) alignment of nations and old alliances. I see the strong possibility of massively impacting changes of approach in the new American administration toward Israel, Russia, Europe and many other countries. At the time of writing I guess many would say, that is now a sure fact even. Please read Ezekiel 38:1-13 and then take a look at the summary below.

As named in the Bible (KJV):
Gog, Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Persia, Ethiopia (Cush NIV), Libya (Put NIV), Gomer, Togarmah.
Modern day equivalents (open to much speculation and variation):
Russia, and/or Turkey, some European countries or some confederate parts of Europe, Iran, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia and probably several other options too.



Sheba, Dedan, The Merchants of Tarshish and her ‘Lion Cubs’
Modern day equivalents (open to some speculation but perhaps not as much as the former list):
Saudi Arabia (and other nations of the Arabian peninsular), *Britain – and her ‘Lion Cubs’. The latter being nations that have been spawned by *Britain, such as: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, **America and perhaps some others. (*Tarshish is sometimes thought to be Spain but I am going with the Britain theory for now. You can research all the arguments. **Some say America does not wholly fit this description.)

The New Geo-Political Landscape

It is not my intention to attempt any kind of analysis about who is right or wrong in their deductions about the precise modern equivalents of the nations found in Ezekiel 38. Such research and arguments are way out of my league, I am however for now taking the position that Britain is the Tarshish nation, and it is by this reasoning that I see in our current geo-political alignment of nations the strong possibility of the above alliances being pretty firmly in place. If Britain (Tarshish) is about to embark on a new (old really) role as a ‘global’ trading nation, separate from any direct alliance with other European countries then I think the stage is well set. (Note ‘merchants’ of Tarshish not Royal Navy).

Trump – The Trumpet!?

If you encounter America-related, prophecy-focused websites you may well have come across the observations that ‘Donald’ (The Donald) means ‘World Ruler’ (please don’t imagine I mean ‘The Antichrist’ that is not what I am thinking) and ‘Trump’ of course is a word for ‘Trumpet’. Further imaginative observations have been made about Mr Trump – just one more for now… on his first day in office he was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. What does this mean? (Please don’t imagine I think he is The Messiah either! That is also not what I am thinking). Well, it is certainly not a “sure word of prophecy” – i.e. a direct Biblical prophecy (at least not one known to me) but I for one know this much… the appointment of Mr Trump was directly from the same mould as Brexit (previous article). Time does not allow for the comparison list but as I put it to one American friend, “Britain lit the fuse and America exploded!” Whatever you may feel or sense about all of this, one more thing is now certain – the appointment of Mr Trump is world-impacting.

Is it only Brexit and Mr Trump that seem to be sounding a trumpet call/alarm across the world right now? I don’t think so. I am personally noticing how that the ‘secular’ world seems to be in various forms ‘announcing’ and ‘publishing’ things that could be of subconscious significance – just look again at the Time Magazine cover used in the first article of this series for example. I am a very conservative thinker, who scrutinises and judges things all the time but I do not have my heart and mind closed to the possibilities of The Lord ‘speaking’ to us through many means. I am not personally forecasting anything. I am merely noticing these cataclysmic shifts across the globe and seeing them as having huge spiritual significance, and I am certainly not alone in that. Whilst most people think this is ‘political’ turbulence – the secularists and those asleep in the churches – others are feeling the hairs on the backs of their necks bristling. Not with fear, though no-one is promised a life of all ease, but with excitement and anticipation – for behold the Bridegroom is coming!

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