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His Church
The Biblical Pattern for The Church

An overview of the ‘New Testament Pattern’ for the Church. This study looks at such topics as: What is a Church? Authority in the Church. Was there any such role as ‘The Pastor’? How and where should a Church meet? And many more questions affecting those Christians who would desire the experience of biblical church life.

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Say It With A Song
And The Spirit Sings by Don Francisco

Recently someone asked me if I knew of a particular song – “And The Spirit Sings” by Don Francisco. I’ve certainly listened to Don Francisco songs and found them very inspiring but I didn’t know of this one. I searched YouTube, as instructed, and found the song. Wow! Lovely! This simple ballad says all I’ve been trying to say in a nut-shell – or, more accurately speaking – in a song…

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Free Gospel Tract

Free Gospel Tract - Joy To The World
Joy To The World!
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Biblical Church Study

The Biblical Pattern for Church Government
How should a church meet?
Where should a church meet?
What size should a church be?
Is the 'pastoral system' Biblical?

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