Nothing But The Truth ~ Brian Edwards<br />Book Review / SummaryThis book is an easy to understand read on the vital and foundational truths of the inspiration, inerrancy and sufficiency of the Bible. Brian Edwards, a well-known evangelical, examines these truths in such a clear and concise way that no one can be left in any doubt as to what the issues and the facts are.

The book starts with a look at the decline in the acceptance of the Bible as God’s Word and comes to this sad conclusion: that many Christians have taken too much heed to the academics and worldly scholars so that their trust in Scripture has been undermined. This book does much to restore that trust if read with a prayerful heart. It is an excellent introduction to the subject.

Edwards then considers how God reveals Himself unto men; what is meant by ‘inspiration’; then looks at what the Bible claims for itself, how Jesus and the apostles used the OT . In the second half of the book the accuracy of the Bible is considered and so called contradictions are looked at.

Several chapters deal with the historical aspect of the Bible; how the canon was formed, and also the history of the English Bible. This with a chapter devoted to how we should understand the Bible makes this book a comprehensive, though not exhaustive, study of the subject.

All believers should know where they stand on the doctrine of ‘Inspiration’ and the trustworthiness of Scripture, if not then this is the book for them! Perhaps in conclusion I should let Brian Edwards have the last word:

The purpose [of this book] is to restate the true evangelical doctrine of Scripture with particular reference to Biblical inerrancy.

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