Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Time Lines by Rose PublishingWow!!! What a gorgeous little gem! I’m not a bookworm by any moderate definition but when I read it is mostly quite intense and sometimes heady too. So, what a pleasure to just sit back and look at pictures for a change! This book is full of them but they’re all beautifully presented.

I came across this book whilst looking online for illustrations of the tabernacle. This book seemed to have what I was looking for and had lots of positive reviews on Amazon, so I made the order and when it came I was delighted to find that the first page was a pull out illustrated artist’s impression of the tabernacle. It’s wonderfully presented and as far as I can make out a very reasonable interpretation of the biblical data.

The tabernacle drawing alone was worth the price for me at that time but there follows on nearly a couple of hundred magnificently illustrated pages. Temples, clothing, archaeological finds along with graphs, charts and timeline summaries and much more besides. Every Christian I’ve shown this book to has expressed (godly!) jealousy at the sight of this little treasure. If you’re familiar with The Lion Handbook to the Bible (also recommended) then you could imagine that, a little larger, less text-driven but with additional, bigger, better, imagery.

In short, this book is an aesthetic joy to hold but also packs lots of educational punch. All you have to do is look at pictures and learn! You’ll love it and as a gift for any Christian, young or old (in years or in The Lord) you cannot go wrong – guaranteed!

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